descriptionTTSS - GTFS vehicle ID mapping
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last changeMonday, 25 May 2020 15:16 +0000
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9 days ago Jacek Kowalski
Modify Stadler Tango depot assignment
bf4b8f diff | tree
2020-03-12 Jacek Kowalski
RF308-RF310 are or will be GT8N with low-floor carriage
ae2458 diff | tree
2020-02-11 Jacek Kowalski
Update GTFS files location (again)
9faa03 diff | tree
2020-01-28 Jacek Kowalski
Put full vehicle number and link to the map in vehicles.html tpl
3d1e54 diff | tree
2020-01-27 Jacek Kowalski
Add file encoding header to vehicles.html template
30782c diff | tree
2020-01-27 Jacek Kowalski
Show when the vehicles were last seen in TTSS
413654 diff | tree
2020-01-22 Jacek Kowalski
Add Stadler Tango RY825-859 to the repository
6aa162 diff | tree
2019-12-31 Jacek Kowalski
Remove tram mapping from 250 to 410
bb6907 diff | tree
2019-11-05 Jacek Kowalski
Update GTFS FTP location (ztp -> zdmk)
38b947 diff | tree
2019-10-21 Jacek Kowalski
Update GT8N vehicles list (RF312, RF314, RF315)
e3097c diff | tree
2019-09-14 Jacek Kowalski
Change type of RF317 from GT8S to GT8N
acdfe9 diff | tree
2019-09-14 Jacek Kowalski
Add param positionType=CORRECTED for
6a29bc diff | tree
2019-07-28 Jacek Kowalski
Add new bus DN005 (Solaris Urbino 18 III Electric)
8b3ace diff | tree
2019-07-25 Jacek Kowalski
Update bus types to match current state
411ddd diff | tree
2019-07-23 Jacek Kowalski
Allow to fetch GTFS data from sources other than FTP servers
9419f7 diff | tree
2019-07-23 Jacek Kowalski
Remove "tram2" source from config.php (no longer available)
b41a44 diff | tree
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2019-06-10 bus-positions-match Add procedure to match TTSS to GTFS via bus positions commit | log